Show / Program / Event Date Action
Big Think March 27th, 2016 View
Big Think February 7th, 2016 View
TheThinkingAtheist January 19th, 2016 View
Big Think January 6th, 2016 View
Big Think December 16th, 2015 View
Rationally Speaking May 17th, 2015 Listen
The Godless Spellchecker February 14th, 2015 View
The Godless Spellchecker September 11th, 2014 View
The Veritas Forum November 11th, 2013 Watch
Rationally Speaking April 21st, 2013 Listen
Intelligence Squared US December 5th, 2012 Listen
Singularity Summit October 13th, 2012 Watch
Freedom From Religion July 11th, 2011 View
TheThinkingAtheist February 22nd, 2011 View
Ted Talks February 10th, 2010 View
Freedom From Religion June 14th, 2008 View
Notebook on Cities and Culture February 8th, 2008 View
Beyond Belief: Science, Religion, Reason and Survival November 5th, 2006 Watch
Ted Talks February 23rd, 2006 View
Charlie Rose September 3rd, 1997 View

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