Show / Program / Event Date Action
Big Think July 1st, 2016 View
Big Think June 30th, 2016 View
Very Bad Wizards October 6th, 2015 Listen
Big Think September 14th, 2015 View
Big Think August 20th, 2015 View
Big Think August 1st, 2015 View
Product Hunt July 30th, 2015 Listen
Big Think July 22nd, 2015 View
Big Think July 3rd, 2015 View
Big Think June 22nd, 2015 View
Big Think May 30th, 2015 View
Product Hunt April 24th, 2015 View
Ted Talks March 17th, 2015 View
The James Altucher Show November 26th, 2014 View
Zeitgeist Minds May 1st, 2013 Watch
Very Bad Wizards November 11th, 2012 Listen
Ted Talks October 24th, 2012 View
Zeitgeist Minds October 1st, 2012 Watch
Zeitgeist Minds May 1st, 2012 Watch
Big Think December 2nd, 2011 View
Big Think October 13th, 2011 View
Ted Talks March 1st, 2011 View
Ted Talks February 7th, 2009 View
Ted Talks December 12th, 2008 View

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