Show / Program / Event Date Action
The Veritas Forum May 12th, 2016 Watch
Charlie Rose December 30th, 2011 View
Charlie Rose December 16th, 2011 View
Texas Freethought Convention 2011 October 8th, 2011 Watch
Emory University September 16th, 2011 Watch
University of Waterloo June 4th, 2011 Watch
In Confidence April 13th, 2011 Watch
American Jewish University February 15th, 2011 Watch
The Spertus Institute January 1st, 2011 Details
The Munk Debates November 26th, 2010 Watch
The Globe and Mail November 26th, 2010 Watch
Prestonwood Baptist Church November 18th, 2010 Watch
Pew Center's Forum on Religion and Public Life October 12th, 2010 Watch
92nd Street Y October 5th, 2010 Watch
University of Waterloo September 16th, 2010 Watch
Fixed Point Foundation September 7th, 2010 Watch
Charlie Rose August 13th, 2010 View
C-SPAN August 5th, 2010 Watch
Drexel University June 15th, 2010 Watch
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart June 8th, 2010 View
New York Public Library June 4th, 2010 Watch
The Veritas Forum May 12th, 2010 Details
Notre Dame University April 7th, 2010 Watch
New Center for Arts and Culture March 23rd, 2010 Watch
Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture March 3rd, 2010 Watch
Emory University February 26th, 2010 Watch
Emory University February 25th, 2010 Watch
Freedom From Religion February 14th, 2010 View
C-SPAN December 15th, 2009 Watch
Ciudad de las Ideas November 8th, 2009 Watch
College of New Jersey August 19th, 2009 Watch
Uncommon Knowledge July 28th, 2009 Watch
The Phil Hendrie Show June 15th, 2009 Watch
Wretched Radio April 9th, 2009 View
Ave Maria Radio April 8th, 2009 Listen
The Steve Kane Show April 7th, 2009 Watch
Biola University April 4th, 2009 Watch
Christian Book Expo 2009 March 22nd, 2009 Watch
The Connecticut Forum January 29th, 2009 Watch
The Aquinas Institute for Catholic Thought December 22nd, 2008 Watch
American Jewish University November 12th, 2008 Watch
Temple Emanu-El October 29th, 2008 Watch
Virginia Commonwealth University September 9th, 2008 Watch
Edinburgh International Festival (2008) August 9th, 2008 Watch
The Fixed Point Podcast August 8th, 2008 Watch
Uncommon Knowledge July 28th, 2008 Watch
The Hauenstein Center April 3rd, 2008 Watch
92nd Street Y January 30th, 2008 Watch
Stanford University January 27th, 2008 Watch
Notable Interviews November 4th, 2007 Watch
NPR October 23rd, 2007 Listen
Georgetown University October 11th, 2007 Watch
Freedom From Religion October 6th, 2007 View
The Richard Dawkins Foundation September 30th, 2007 Watch
C-SPAN September 2nd, 2007 Watch
The Hugh Hewitt Show August 10th, 2007 Watch
Townhall Review July 11th, 2007 Watch
Dennis Prager's Radio Show June 14th, 2007 Watch
The Hugh Hewitt Show June 6th, 2007 Watch
Los Angeles Public Library June 4th, 2007 Watch
Martin Luther King Middle School (Berkeley) May 24th, 2007 Watch
Atheist Alliance International Convention (2007) May 18th, 2007 Watch
Margaret Mitchell House & Museum May 16th, 2007 Watch
Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum May 14th, 2007 Watch
New York Public Library May 7th, 2007 Watch
Charlie Rose May 4th, 2007 View
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart April 30th, 2007 View
Next Market Podcast February 1st, 2007 Watch
H.L. Mencken Memorial Lecture September 9th, 2006 Watch
Hay Festival (2006) May 27th, 2006 Watch
The Goethe-Institut April 20th, 2006 Watch
Intelligence Squared US January 1st, 2006 Listen
C-SPAN September 14th, 2005 Watch
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart August 25th, 2005 View
Charlie Rose July 15th, 2005 View
DG Wills Books July 12th, 2005 Watch
C-SPAN June 17th, 2005 Watch
The Brian Lehrer Show June 16th, 2005 Watch
KQED Radio June 6th, 2005 Watch
University of Western Ontario April 8th, 2005 Watch
Uncommon Knowledge March 25th, 2005 Watch
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart December 1st, 2004 View
Charlie Rose February 25th, 2004 View
Charlie Rose December 13th, 2002 View
Commonwealth Club of California October 21st, 2002 Watch
University of California Television August 1st, 2002 Watch
Charlie Rose July 12th, 2002 View
Politically Incorrect December 6th, 2001 Watch
Charlie Rose November 6th, 2001 View
Union League Club New York March 23rd, 2000 Watch
Firing Line December 3rd, 1999 Watch
Charlie Rose April 28th, 1999 View
Uncommon Knowledge July 29th, 1998 Watch
C-SPAN July 1st, 1997 Watch
Charlie Rose April 30th, 1997 View
Charlie Rose May 8th, 1996 View
Charlie Rose February 2nd, 1994 View
Charlie Rose January 3rd, 1994 View
Charlie Rose July 14th, 1993 View
C-SPAN March 2nd, 1993 Watch
C-SPAN February 4th, 1991 Watch
Frontiers (TV Series) July 18th, 1990 Watch
Firing Line May 22nd, 1990 Watch
Firing Line October 1st, 1987 Watch
Firing Line September 4th, 1986 Details
Firing Line December 11th, 1984 Watch

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