Missed Demeanors

Missed Demeanors was a British television show that featured interviews with celebrity guests.

List of Missed Demeanors

The following is a complete list of all known from Missed Demeanors.

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Date Person Action
Thursday, January 4, 1996 Lee Cornes, Jack Docherty Details
Thursday, June 22, 1995 Maria McErlane, Mark Lamarr Details
Thursday, June 15, 1995 Donna McPhail, Mark Lamarr Details
Thursday, June 8, 1995 Donna McPhail, Lee Cornes Details
Thursday, June 1, 1995 Kevin Day, Linda Smith Details
Thursday, May 25, 1995 Jo Brand, Lee Cornes Details
Thursday, May 18, 1995 Jo Brand, Mark Steel Details

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