I Get That a Lot

I Get That A Lot is a celebrity prank show that was originally created by Danny Harris and was first aired on CBS to set up the celebrities in daily working kinds of jobs. The hidden cameras are installed in order to capture the unsuspecting reactions of bypassers and customers, and when the celebrities are already recognized, they will deny their identity and they will say the phrase "I Get That A Lot", until the end of show, in which the cameras will be revealed and will come forward for their real identities. The first two episodes of the show was also aired internationally on Channel Ten in Australia. There's also a French version of the show which is aired on the French TV leader, TF1.

Timeline for I Get That a Lot

I Get That a Lot started in 2009 and is still an ongoing program. The first episode of I Get That a Lot was on 2009-04-01.

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